An update on art

This month pretty much sucked for creating art, quantity-wise. This is for a couple of reasons.

Firstly… Back to school.

Both my girls started school this month. One is now in middle school, the other is in elementary. Between school shopping, meeting teachers, and getting used to a new sleeping/waking schedule, I’ve barely had a moment to spend on starting any new larger piece.

On the plus side though, now that my youngest is in morning kindergarten, I have three hours free each morning. I plan to use that as dedicated art time, which I haven’t had in awhile during daylight hours.

The second reason I haven’t started anything new is that I have mostly been practicing. Up until now, I’ve been using Micron pens to create my line work. However, I have decided that I want to learn how to use dip pens.

Lately, I’ve been studying the ink and pen drawings of artists from the 1900-1930s, and I’ve been very inspired by the creations they made using the tools of that time. One of my favorites is the artist Franklin Booth.

I’m still going to use Microns for my sketching. Those are just too convenient to use for portability. However, my hope is to use the dip pen for future large pieces.

Justice For Some

Decoder Ring Theatre

Black Jack Justice

When Jack and Trixie are hired to protect a society dame’s diamonds at a charity ball, it looks like they’ve finally caught that elusive nice, simple case. But when the guest list includes not one, not two but three notorious thieves, things get complicated in a heckuva hurry. Times like that a guy’s lucky to manage Justice For Some!


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People Who Live in Wax Houses

Julie Hoverson

19 Nocturne Boulevard

Three stories, separate and intertwined, center around a failing wax museum.

"What kind of a place is it?
Why it’s an upturned car by the side of a road, can’t you tell?”


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“The cat’s so out of the bag, it must be in another country by now and having little rumor kittens there.”
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Drakestroke Drabble



For the first time since this whole fiasco started, Tim was finally alone with Slade. While he was still less than happy that Deathstroke was his godfather, there was a question that he wanted to ask the one-eyed mercenary without his mother present.

"Slade?" he asked while he studied the tablet…

I read DrakeStroke and was all “O_O Tim and Slade… romance? *gasp* NUUUUUUWORSETHANSLADINNUIUUUU—-” and I was so glad it didn’t turn into that. Ship as you please (if you want), but… man talk about “to each his own nightmare.”

XD I learned something about myself today… oh and—-this little drabble was adorable. :D really.


Drakestroke doesn’t mean what you assumed there, though I can see how you could mistake that.

No. Drakestroke is a pairing between Janet Drake and Slade Wilson. It is also a tag used frequently for a verse where the story by @lectorel called “Family Made by Hand” is set.

In this story, Janet Drake never died in Haiti. Her death was faked because she was really a CIA field agent, and some of her enemies had discovered her civilian identity. To protect her family, she faked her death and returned full time to the CIA.

If you get the chance, you should read “Family made by Hand” on Archive of Our Own. It’s a great story.

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Another Drakestroke headcanon: When Jack met Janet

- Jack first met Janet when she saved his life. An archeologist on a dig site in Central America that was being fought over by local drug cartels, Jack found himself caught in the crossfire when he discovered a wealth of ancient Mayan/Aztec gold and artifacts in ruins. Janet was brought in because intel said a CIA most wanted (El Padrino) was going to be there.

- First thing Jack said to Janet was, “Wow… You’re gorgeous…” This being said shortly after Janet literally threw him behind cover to avoid a hail of gunfire.

- On that assignment, Jack ended up acting as an impromptu guide for Janet while tracking down El Padrino’s activity raiding historic ruins in the region.

- Jack, especially young adult Jack, was always socially awkward around women. Girls found him odd or boring because of his interest in archeology, especially when they found him a far cry from the Indiana Jones style of archeologist.

- Jack was really touched when Janet took a genuine interest in his work during one late night conversation. She was staying up to act as a look out, and Jack tried his best to keep her company. After talking for hours, right before passing out from sheer exhaustion, Jack murmured sleepily, “You are one amazing lady, Janet Grey. Probably the best treasure I’ve ever found on a dig.”

- Jack fell in love with Janet first, but he had initially resigned himself to nothing ever coming of it because of her job at the CIA. So, he was surprised when Janet ran into him back stateside a few weeks later at the Mayan/Aztec exhibit opening at the Gotham City museum of history.


Every society has a trickster of one form or another. The story of a trickster’s exploits is one of the oldest, most persistent narrative forms.

Tricksters often inhabit the grey areas between black and white, between desire and decency. They are duped as often as they dupe other characters, and are frequently as good as they are bad. They can destroy, steal and deceive, but are also identified with bringing creative powers and staples of society, such as light, food, and fire. 

They are expected to make us laugh, but they are also fundamentally human. They are expected to illustrate human truths. 

The tricksters inhabit the heart of the contradiction in human existence. They walk the line between the individual and the group, between freedom and control.

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Drakestroke AU idea?

An AU of an AU, perhaps?

How different would things have been if Slade had done his godfatherly duty and fetched Tim shortly after his father was murdered?

Like the day after the funeral, even?

What if, after picking Tim up, Slade took him straight to his mother at the CIA headquarters?

What if Janet hadn’t heard yet about Jack’s death because she’d been on a mission overseas and had just returned on the day Slade brings Tim to her?

Would Tim reveal that he is Robin?

How would Janet react to news of her husband’s death as well as the fact that Tim was the one to find the body?

Considering Slade probably took Tim out of the blue without any warning, would Bruce believe that Tim had been kidnapped and try to find him?

Because it's at the forefront of my mind: Drakestroke #1 (I hope you have fun with this one.)


I hope you were expecting me to mess with the tropes of that one, because, well…

I had a lot of fun with this one. *Evil author cackle*


1. Soulmates AU

It is not Slade’s name on Janie’s wrist. They don’t fit together, like two pieces of a puzzle. They are not each other’s completion. Janie has spent hours screaming at him over his ‘stupid, blind, idiotic sense of honor,’ and Slade once cut contact with her for nearly six months after she blew a mission by disobeying his orders. Slade was not made her perfect counterpart, the one she was destined to meet. Janie’s smile, her clever mind and cold, clear eyes, were never meant for Slade. Nothing keeps them together but the choices they’ve made.

But those choices are the most important things in the world. From the day Slade offered a badly-trained black bag operative, they chose one another.

(A sneer on Janie’s thin face, nineteen and bitter and angry, angry, angry at the world, “I’d rather be alone than with someone because of a name and expectations.” Flint-hard eyes, bitter and brittle, looking out at the Kenyan sky. “I’m sick of obligated love.”)

There is a name on her wrist, of someone she’s met before, and walked away from. As Adeline chose to walk away from Slade, when he betrayed her trust and scarred their son. Slade will always love her, will always wear her name on his wrist, but that chapter of his life is done. Ended by his own foolishness.

They have no grand destiny. Just this: The curl of a calloused hand around another, the flash of adrenline-drunk smiles, a nod across a crowded room. Bare skin and bared scars, a challenge in raised brows. Trust forged by trials and long familiarity, debts payed and debts owed, until the line between ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ is blurred past recognition.

Janie is not his soulmate, and Slade isn’t hers. Nothing ties them but the desire for each other’s company. Each moment together is a choice they’ve made, a gift they’ve given. Nothing they have, nothing they’ve built, could have come from matching names and obligations

It is not Slade’s name on Janie’s wrist.

This is wonderful! It’s so Janie and Slade! Thanks for writing this. I’ve missed this verse.

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Little Boxes

Julie Hoverson

19 Nocturne Boulevard

A couple who run a small store get offered a deal that might save their business… or not.

"What kind of a place is it?
Why it’s kitschy little shop, can’t you tell?”


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