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AU where Tim is a teen pop star and Tam is his PA. But Tim still has his sense of justice and Tam is constantly "No, Tim, Tim please, stop punching random criminals on the street. Tim, No, stop running off with ninjas it's bad for sales."


oh jeez

Tim going solo, just getting out of his boy band stage, with the hair and the three part harmonies or whatever. Tim and world wide tours with groups like The Titans and signing deals with Bats & Birds Records and featuring his siblings in his songs (because Jason has a beautiful singing voice didn’t you know).

Tim casually fighting ninjas on stage and the audience thinks its all choreographed. Tim giving everyone on his team a raise because they put up with so much of his crap and really, if he has to resurrect his drummer one more time via lazarus pit, he may as well double the guy’s salary.

And Tam. “Tim stop tweeting those photos. Battle scars aren’t good for press. You’ll end up on TMZ.” “The makeup lady said you won’t sit still. You are not going onstage with a black eye.” “Stop inviting Ra’s al Ghul over during practice. He eats all the crackers and his tiger keeps scratching the equipment.” “Tell Damian a batarang is not a suitable guitar pick.” “Tim. Tim. Stop. Please.”

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I’m re-starting my DC Big Bang project…

…Because I finished reading the completed “Locke & Key” series…

…………And my awful brain is conspiring with the rabid plot bunnies to constantly weave elements of L&K with the sequel to Kodokuna Shojo.

So I give up.

The brain and plot bunnies win.

The sequel to KS is going to be a crossover.

Tell me about your Timtam children bc OC children are my life's blood


Okay so there’s three and all of them are girls because Tim doing hair and attending dance recitals and calling them all daddy’s little princesses is what I need in life.

I kind of rambled:

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*HUGS* Thank you so much for writing this wonderful thing! You’ve made my Monday!

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Of course your life didn’t turn out how you wanted. I can’t even get D&D campaigns to turn out the way I wanted, and I’m in charge of that universe, and it’s for the exact same reason: other bloody people.

But they do make it a lot more fun.


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Today is gonna be one of those “flirting with the edge of a stress-induced panic attack” sorta days.