Tam Fox headcanon

Tam’s parents are divorced.

The split happened several years back due to the stress of Lucius working for WE and keeping too many secrets of his boss’s double life from his wife, which led to major trust issues.

However, neither of them remarried. The two still love each other too much to consider marrying anyone else, even though he lives in Gotham City and she lives in New Orleans. Unknown to each other, but well known by their kids, Lucius and his wife each still wear their wedding rings.

It doesn’t take Tam long to realize that the secrets her father was keeping from her mother, the secrets that ruined their marriage, were related to Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Of course, Lucius doesn’t blame the failure of his marriage on his boss and oldest friend. He shoulders that failure all on his own and blames himself.

But Tam’s not quite so forgiving…

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