This has been a rough past week.

Last weekend was the start of it, with my daughters both getting sick with a stomach flu. Of course, the Fates being what they are, they ended up getting the flu less than a week after getting the flu shot.

Did you know that this year’s flu shot only provides a vaccine for three types of flu virus?

Anyways… Lana was sick first the Friday before last.  Then Eden came down with it on Sunday.  My husband ended up getting sick on Sunday and was laid up Monday and Tuesday because of it. Lana started to get better on Monday, but ended up getting a cold that cropped up on Wednesday.

Finally, on Thursday, everyone else in the house seems to be healthy finally.

And then, on Friday, it’s my freakin’ turn.

Yesterday was the worst, and even though I work from home on Fridays I ended up calling in because I could barely see straight, let alone concentrate on my assignments for the office. While I was functional today so long as I kept myself dosed up on cold medicine, I am still nowhere near a hundred percent.

At least one good thing came from me being sick.

During NyQuil/DayQuil induced moments of fairly wonky lucidity, I managed to get past a pretty annoying bit of writer’s block on an original story I’ve been plotting and world building on for the better part of a year.

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  1. wisiaden said: As. That’s terrible. /huggles feel better soon and hope you all remain sick free.
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    *hugs back* Thanks. I can’t say that NyQuil gives me “pleasant” dreams per say… I can say that they’re never dull or...
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    Oh man, I’m sorry the week’s been so rough. I’m glad to hear about the cracked writer’s block though. I hope the Nyquil...