Drakestroke: Tam and Janet, for CR


The woman looks- familiar, somehow. Tam doesn’t know how, but she is. “Do I know you?”

“Perhaps,” The woman says, with a quirked, sardonic smile that makes Tam think of Tim. “I worked with Gotham’s corporate set about a decade ago. Janet Grey, security consultant.” Tam takes her offered hand. Ms. Grey has a firm handshake, like Tam’s father.

“There something I can help you with, Ms. Grey?” Tam asks, picking up the latest load of files for the Neon Knights. Tim wants to expand into pre-gang intervention, preventing at-risk youth from joining up in the first place, and they need a test group for a pilot program.

“After the shooting scare with Mr. Drake-Wayne, I got called in to provide additional security.” Ms. Grey lifts a backpack, and hands it to Tam. “Put those in here. You should keep your hands free whenever possible.”

A sudden jolt of fear sparks up Tam’s spine. “Am I in danger?”

“No.” Ms. Grey looks Tam in the eye. “I won’t lie, there’s been some activity which we suspect is targeting you. But I promise, as long as you listen to me, my team and I will keep you safe.”

“Okay…Okay, I can deal with this.” Tam lets out a shaky breath. The scary part was, she believes Ms. Grey. She had that same scary look of determination that Tim, and Pru both wore. Tam smiles at her new bodyguard. “I need to go over to the Wayne Enterprises offices to review some paperwork with Tim. How do you want to handle that?”

“We’ll drive you. My partner Lynn will accompany you inside.” Ms. Grey falls into step beside Tam, body between Tam and the windows. “This is only a temporary situation. As soon as we determine who is backing these attempts, and neutralize them, things will return to normal for you. Until then, I ask you to be patient.”

At least she was politer than Tim had been. “Alright, I can work with that. Let’s go.”


Wonderful piece, Lector!  I’m just imagining the way the familiarity of Janet nags at Tam’s mind. Can also see Janet inwardly appraising Tam, trying to gauge how much she really knows about Tim and his “night job,” while subtly gathering information on her son at the same time.

Also, and this might just be me, but I get a feeling that Wintergreen would like Tam…

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