Decided to life-cast a comic book couple who rarely ever get life-cast, at least as far as I’ve ever seen on Tumblr or anywhere.

So here are Jack and Janet Drake, parents of Tim Drake (pre-reboot DCU)

Mark Harmon is cast as Jack Drake. The younger photo is how he would look after a few weeks on an archaeological dig site. Then, when he got older and spent more time trying to spend time with Tim and recovering after his wife’s “death”.  I imagine losing his wife, then learning that his son was Robin and all that entailed aged him rather quickly.

Sandra Bullock is cast as Janet Drake. As I life-cast this character, I was heavily affected by the Drakestroke version of Janet, so there are both young and older versions of her here too.

In her youth, Janet kept her hair long and dark when she was in her “civilian” life.  On jobs, she often disguised her appearance, changing her hair color and style on the fly.  Years later, after her death and shortly before being betrayed by the CIA, Janet had her hair cut short and dyed a lighter shade of brown.  The straightened style of her current hair often gives her a more severe look, especially when coupled with her icy “you-are-not-fit-to-be-ground-beneath-my-heel” glare.

One of the main reasons why I chose Sandra for Janet is her expressions. She has this incredible cutting no nonsense glare that can bring grown men to their knees, but can shift to something far softer and more inviting if she’s feeling relaxed or if a situation demands it.

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