Fic Trope Prompt Fill: Tim/Tam “Bodyswap”

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Tim/Tam, #2


Because Tim is out of town on a Titans mission, and because she wanted to help, Tam offers to help Stephanie Brown/Batgirl infiltrate the Unternet to solve a case she’s on. 

Unfortunately, there’s a little… snafu… when it’s time for them to return to their own bodies back in reality.  Steph and Tam end up switching bodies, and unfortunately, because their actions in the Unternet were a little too effective at pissing off the right/wrong people, it’s going to take some epic-level hacking just to get access back into it.

While Anarchy and Oracle are hard at work trying to find a way to fix them, Steph and Tam end up spending a lot of time together over several days. There’s much hilarity at the two of them pretending to be each other. Because of it all, they get to know one another and the start of a beautiful friendship is born.

They had both hoped to get their body swapping adventure sorted out before Tim returns from the Titans mission.  However, it doesn’t quite work out that way.

Tim comes home earlier than expected and the story goes either one of two ways from there.

The first path is where he runs into Tam at Wayne Enterprises, not realizing it’s Steph in her body. Steph never knew about the fiasco surrounding Tam’s father and didn’t realize the two had been avoiding one another, so it totally surprises/confuses Tim when she actually talks to him at work. Her behavior makes Tim immediately suspicious, so when they’re alone in his office, he confronts her, initially thinking she’s some sort of imposter trying to infiltrate the company. Then Steph reveals what happened to her and Tam, and the two of them have a long heart-to-heart talk as friends.


The second path is where he decides to visit Steph at her home to ask for her advice on how to fix things with Tam, because he really does care about her, not realizing that it’s really Tam he’s talking to. As Tim talks to “Steph” he admits to her that he thinks he’s fallen in love with Tam, but is so afraid to get close to her because he doesn’t want to lose her the way he’s lost everyone else he’s loved.

Regardless of the path, eventually Tim joins in the quest to get these two back to their original bodies, and they all end up playing in the Unternet playground together.

(Steph totally never lets Tim live it down that he psychically robbed his big brother’s closet for his Unternet uniform.)

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