Free Writing: Fic Plotting

I almost want to try and plot out a Batfam-Warehouse 13 crossover fic where Tim and Tam both get recruited to become agents of the Warehouse. It’d be set sometime post-Red Robin (pre-reboot of course) and right about where the new season of Warehouse 13 is at right now. Leena’s dead, Artie’s just returning to work at the Warehouse, and everyone else is dealing with the fallout and trying to return to some semblance of normality.

When Mrs. Frederic approaches Tim, she makes vague references to his “night job”, but makes it perfectly clear that she wants “Tim Drake” as an agent, not a masked vigilante.

Then, when Tim initially balks at the idea of leaving Gotham and his “work”, she lets slip, in a casual manner, what a shame it is that the son of two of the Warehouse’s former finest agents chose not to follow in their footsteps.

Of course, Mrs. Frederic pulls a Batman and vanishes when Tim whirls around to ask what she meant by that. All he finds is a plain business card with a set of GPS coordinates.

Hmmm… Should I write this?

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