Writing projects for next year?

I’ve had several stories in mind for awhile now that I would like to try and tackle next year. The catch with any of these stories is that they will be novel length tales.

- Personal reboot of the Batman family story, but starring Dick Grayson and following his growth from Robin to Nightwing. The twist: Bruce Wayne/Batman is an Obi Won Kinobi mentor figure instead of the main protagonist.

- Sequel to the Chronicles of Narnia series, focusing on Susan’s story following the deaths of her family and subsequent return to Narnia. Susan has taken a firm hold in my mind, and I’m thinking about somehow crossing this story universe with Fantasia/Fantastica of “The Neverending Story” universe.

- An original story I’ve had for awhile about a steampunk world populated by dinosaurs as well as humans. The two species collide when humans start exploring a new wild continent.

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